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Stokes Croft: Bristol’s Cultural Quarter

January 15, 2011

Stokes Croft is a vibrant Community in the heart of Bristol. The area has pioneered a liberal attitude towards street art, and is working towards an alternative to conventional top down government. Liberal attitudes have led to a blossoming of positive energy as this part of the City, neglected and abused by planners and local government, forges its own future, resisting conventional gentrification and the pressures of developers and corporate business, safeguarding its unique identity against the blandification threatened by conventional development.

“Think Local” Mural painted on the Magpie squat hoardings in 2010, in reaction to the proposed opening of an unwanted Tesco Store in Cheltenham Road.

Paris works on The Martin Luther King Quotation mural on the Avon and Bristol Law Centre at the bottom of Stokes Croft.

Mark, Disco and Punky Paul in Kings Sq. Big Freeze 2010

In Stokes Croft , we find a tolerance and sense of community that is central to what is special about Stokes Croft.

Stokes Croft is an area that is typified by

The Stokes Croft Conservation Area document.(Download)

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  1. Ran Daldwy permalink
    June 6, 2011 1:04 pm

    Stokes Croft is wonderful–a perfect alternative with a bit of everything for many kinds of people from many kinds of places and backgrounds. And EVERYTHING should be done to maintain this. However, there are also problems if this areas wants to define itself in positive, progressive ways. First, there is the mess. There is crap/garbage (especially bottles, tins, fast food wrappers) all over the place. Why not an awareness campaign to collect it all on a give day or to inform people about taking a some pride. Too many slobs. Get out. Second, and in part related, SC is a boozing, drinking culture–too much of it, especially for the younger people. Booze, and esp. binge drinking, is frighteningly visible in SC. Again, how about some awareness campaign if we really do care? And of course drugs. Drugs are simply useless. Make Stokes Croft different from itself.

  2. Vero permalink
    February 22, 2013 7:39 pm

    Here is a sonnet for you which I did for a writing course, don’t worry, it’s not copyright, hope folks like it; I love all the street art which I’ve only recently seen, having not been to the area for a long time although I did know when the Tesco protests and riots were happening.


    Think local, think Turbo, it’s the Wild,Wild West
    where organised chaos brings riots of colour
    to startle and dazzle, surrounding the viewer
    with vibrant creations, street-art at its best.
    It’s a rock-shocking ride, it’s the way to arrest
    the attention of many a passing consumer,
    show that living’s more pleasant with wit and good humour.
    It’s resistance to Tesco at this here address.

    So the people objected when those doors came near,
    they marched, they protested, daubed every spare space.
    ‘We’re a People’s Republic, don’t want your lot here,
    We’ve got all we need and you’re in the wrong place.’
    If you want to fit in, if you want us to cheer,
    Let us paint you with planets, transform your bland face.

    (NB: Please don’t get arrested painting things on Tesco though, it would not be advisable!)

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