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Outdoor Gallery

Stokes Croft has long been a haven for artists. There has long been a thriving graffiti/Street Art community. Following many battles with the forces of darkness, Stokes Croft is embracing street art as part of its heritage.

Paris works on “It’s No Great Crime”, a homage to the 3D piece painted on the same wall in the early1980’s.

Ryan and Max work on a production by the Dove Street Flats.

Same Mural (Detail).

Andy Council Dinosaur collaboration on the Practice Wall on Ashley Road.

Political expression is welcome and to be encouraged.

Poster piece on Turbo Island (Detail)

Sunday Morning on the Croft; A Riot of Colour.

ASK (After School Klub) with an impromptu mural on Putterill’s hoardings,
an ever changing wall on Stokes Croft.

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