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There is no official tourist information centre for Stokes Croft, but PRSC HQ, the home of the Selling Gallery, is open from11am-6pm Monday to Saturday and is in the Heart of Stokes Croft. The PRSC website is full of useful information.

The Selling Gallery
35, Jamaica Street,
Stokes Croft,
BS2 8JP.
Tel. 01179444540 (11am-6pm Monday-Saturday)


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  1. Ran Daldwy permalink
    June 6, 2011 1:02 pm

    Stokes Croft is wonderful–a perfect alternative with a bit of everything for many kinds of people from many kinds of places and backgrounds. And EVERYTHING should be done to maintain this. However, there are also problems if this areas wants to define itself in positive, progressive ways. First, there is the mess. There is crap/garbage (especially bottles, tins, fast food wrappers) all over the place. Why not an awareness campaign to collect it all on a give day or to inform people about taking a some pride. Too many slobs. Get out. Second, and in part related, SC is a boozing, drinking culture–too much of it, especially for the younger people. Booze, and esp. binge drinking, is frighteningly visible in SC. Again, how about some awareness campaign if we really do care? And of course drugs. Drugs are simply useless. Make Stokes Croft different from itself.

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